Vegetable growth code: nitrogen grows leaves, phosphorus grows fruits, and potassium fertilizer is .





"Why do vegetables grown on the same land differ so greatly? Today, let's uncover the secret behind this – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the key factors determining the success of a vegetable harvest."

"Whether growing vegetables on a balcony or in a field, their growth is inseparable from nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These three elements are like the three pillars of crops, working together to support the growth and harvest."

"Some members of the PanMimi vegetable growing group have better vegetable growth and more abundant yields, which is actually due to the balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. As an old farming proverb says: 'Nitrogen grows leaves, phosphorus grows fruits, and potassium deficiency leads to poor growth.'"


Vegetable growth code: nitrogen grows leaves, phosphorus grows fruits, and potassium fertilizer is insufficient to grow firewood

"Nitrogen Grows Leaves: The Guardian of Green Leaves"

"Nitrogen is the main component of plant proteins and chlorophyll, directly affecting the efficiency of photosynthesis and energy conversion in plants. 

Imagine green leaves under the sunlight, absorbing nutrients and transforming them into the power of plant growth. Without nitrogen, there would be no vibrant green world."

"When your vegetable leaves are not lush enough, it may be a sign of nitrogen deficiency. However, the use of nitrogen fertilizer is not 'the more, the better'; excessive amounts can lead to excessive plant growth and affect fruit development."

"Phosphorus Grows Fruits: The Catalyst for Fruit Formation"

"Phosphorus is the core of energy transfer and storage in plants, promoting root development and the formation of flowers and fruits. Welcome to follow the 'PanMimi' official account, which shares content related to growing vegetables on balconies. If you have any questions or different viewpoints, please leave a message at the bottom of the article, or join the PanMimi vegetable growing group to communicate with other vegetable enthusiasts."

"Under the nourishment of phosphorus, fruits gradually expand, becoming bright in color and delicious in taste. Phosphorus is the unsung hero supporting fruit growth from behind."

"Phosphorus has a decisive impact on the differentiation of flower buds and fruit quality in plants. If your vegetables have few flowers, small fruits, and poor color, it may indicate a phosphorus deficiency. Timely supplementing with phosphorus fertilizer can not only promote flower bud differentiation but also improve fruit sweetness and taste."

"potassium fertilizer is insufficient to grow firewood"

"Potassium is related to the regulation of water and disease resistance in plants. An appropriate amount of potassium fertilizer can help crops grow healthily and resist diseases and pests."

"Potassium is the 'energy bar' in plants, playing a crucial role in disease resistance and sugar transport. When potassium is insufficient, plants are prone to diseases, and photosynthesis and sugar transport are hindered, leading to slow plant growth. The plant loses vitality and may even wither, eventually becoming useless firewood."


"These Common Substances Are Rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium"

"PanMimi vegetable enthusiasts mainly use organic fertilizers, which are also rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium."

"There are many substances in life that are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These substances can be used as fertilizers to replace chemical fertilizers and provide nutrients for vegetables."

"Rich in Nitrogen"

"Bean cake, peanut cake: These are by-products of oil pressing and are rich in nitrogen."

"Animal manure: Such as chicken manure, cow dung, etc., are good sources of nitrogen fertilizer."

"Green manure: Such as the straw of leguminous plants, green grass, etc., are also good nitrogen fertilizers after composting."

"Rich in Phosphorus"

"Eggshells: The main component of eggshells is calcium carbonate, which can provide calcium and phosphorus to plants after fermentation."

"Bone meal: Powder made from animal bones, rich in phosphorus and calcium."

"Fish intestines: Fish viscera are rich in phosphorus, but attention should be paid to proper handling to avoid odor and pest problems."

"Rich in Potassium"

"Wood ash: Wood ash is the ash left after the combustion of wood or herbs and is rich in potassium and other trace elements."

"Banana peels: Banana peels contain a certain amount of potassium and can be used after composting."

"Seaweed: Seaweed is a natural source of potassium fertilizer and also provides other trace elements."

"The above substances should be fermented and decomposed before use."

"In modern agricultural production, we often see the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, which not only affects the quality of crops but may also cause irreversible damage to the environment. Therefore, rational fertilization and balanced use of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are not only key to improving agricultural efficiency but also important measures to protect the ecological environment."

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