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**Vegetables Suitable for Balcony Gardening for Beginners**

The trend of balcony vegetable gardening, initially popular in foreign countries and coastal cities, has now spread nationwide. It's common to see balcony gardens in any residential area, with more people joining the movement. For beginners, it's often unclear what to plant or how to start without getting discouraged. The Fanmimi Blog offers some suggestions for easy-to-grow vegetables suitable for beginners.

1. **Ji Mao Cai (Chickweed):**

   - Ji Mao Cai is an excellent choice for beginners due to its short growth cycle. It typically takes about 30 days to harvest. The planting process is straightforward, requiring no transplantation. For detailed instructions, refer to the Fanmimi Blog's "Ji Mao Cai Balcony Pot Planting Method."


2. **Scallions:**

   - Scallions are ideal for beginners when grown from roots. Growing from seeds can be more challenging. A simpler method is to buy scallions from the market, eat the green leaves, and plant the white part of the scallion. Water thoroughly, and within a week, you'll see significant growth. This method skips the initial delicate stage of seed-grown scallions. Check the Fanmimi Blog's "Scallion Balcony Pot Planting Method" for more information.

3. **Garlic:**

   - Garlic is another great option for beginners. Simply break the garlic bulbs into cloves and plant them in the soil, ensuring they are well-watered. They will sprout in a few days. For specifics, see the Fanmimi Blog's "Garlic Balcony Pot Planting Method." An even simpler approach is to grow garlic in water, completely soil-free, which is ideal for beginners. The detailed method can be found on the Fanmimi Blog's "Hydroponic Garlic Pot Planting Method."


4. **Lettuce:**

   - Lettuce is slightly more complex than the previous vegetables as it requires transplanting. However, compared to other vegetables, lettuce is still relatively easy to grow and has a short growth cycle.

5. **Sprouts and Microgreens:**

   - These are incredibly simple and have an even shorter growth period. For example, mung bean sprouts can be grown in a cola bottle and harvested in just a few days, without the need for pots or soil. Radish and peanut sprouts are also easy and suitable for beginners, with a growth period of only 7-8 days in summer and autumn.

These are the vegetable recommendations for balcony gardening beginners from the Fanmimi Blog. If you have other vegetable suggestions suitable for beginners, feel free to comment, and we'll add them to the list.





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