Growing vegetables and insects? You can raise some "natural enemies", ecological pest control,





Growing vegetables and insects? You can raise some "natural enemies", ecological pest control, the method is exaggerated, and the effect is good

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"Imagine your vegetable garden, not sprayed with pesticides, but fluttering with swarms of ladybugs and busy centipedes. These little creatures become your 'ecological guardians,' protecting every green leaf. They patrol your balcony garden, preying on or parasitizing pests, effectively controlling their numbers. This is not a plot from a science fiction novel, but a real and feasible method of ecological pest control."

"Often, members of the PanMimi vegetable growing group complain about too many pests. How nice it would be if vegetables had no pests! Recently, as the temperature slowly rises, it also marks the best season of the year for growing vegetables, with almost all vegetables and fruits suitable for spring planting. However, along with the temperature comes pests. As the temperature rises, pests reproduce quickly, and there are relatively fewer pests in winter."


"Introducing Natural Enemies to Control Pests"

"PanMimi continues to share methods to deal with pests. This time, the introduced methods are somewhat different from previous ones, but they all avoid the use of pesticides, are environmentally friendly, and are currently being tested by several vegetable enthusiasts with seemingly good results. We share these methods with PanMimi vegetable enthusiasts to see if there are areas for reference and learning. These methods involve introducing natural enemies of pests to help control them."

"Pests on balconies may indeed be related to the lack of natural enemies, as the balcony environment is relatively closed, which is not conducive to the habitat and activity of insect predators. In natural environments, predators of pests, such as ladybugs, spiders, and centipedes, can effectively control pest numbers and maintain ecological balance. However, in closed environments like balconies, these natural enemies often cannot exist naturally, leading to uncontrolled pest numbers and causing pest problems."


"Examples of Introducing Natural Enemies to Control Pests"

"The first vegetable enthusiast faced an infestation of aphids in their garden. After trying some methods recommended online with limited success, they decided to use eco-friendly methods to introduce natural enemies to control the pests. Aphids are a common pest that feeds on the sap of plants, hindering their growth and potentially causing death."

"Aphids have natural enemies in nature, and that is the ladybug. Ladybugs are well-known predatory insects that feed on aphids. A single ladybug can consume thousands of aphids throughout its lifecycle. Both the larvae and adult ladybugs are active predators and can effectively control aphid populations, reducing their harm to plants."

"Finding ladybugs to catch is indeed difficult, but with the versatile internet, you can buy almost anything, including ladybugs. So, they bought some ladybugs and released them in the garden. The results were impressive, as the ladybugs immediately started working to eliminate the aphids, proving more effective than other control methods."

"However, the PanMimi editor feels that while this method is theoretically sound, its practical application may not be as reliable. For instance, some netizens mentioned that ladybugs might fly away, so it's better to cover them with a net, otherwise, they might disappear after a few days."

"Some netizens who grow vegetables on their rooftops plan to raise frogs to help control pests, which seems like an exaggerated method. They found some tadpoles in a pond while wandering outdoors, planned to catch some, and raise them in a small fish tank. When they grow up, they can jump out and directly control pests in the rooftop vegetable garden. It remains to be seen if this will lead to a chorus of frog sounds, which seems less suitable for the city."

"This is actually a good attempt. We'll wait and see the feedback from this netizen. In the pursuit of high-yield and efficient modern agriculture, we have become overly reliant on chemical agents, disrupting the ecological balance and causing problems such as increased pest resistance to chemicals and environmental pollution. In the small-scale production environment of growing vegetables on balconies, we have the opportunity to try more environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. This is not only a protection of the ecology but also a reflection on our lifestyle."

"Would you be willing to try these ecological pest control methods? If you have any good pest control methods or different viewpoints, please leave a message and share."





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